Arranging a mortgage on your first purchase can be as daunting as it is exciting. How much deposit do I need? Do I have to pay stamp duty? Where do I find a good and cheap solicitor? How much can I borrow? Metro Mortgages has dealt with hundreds of first time buyers. Metro Mortgages will answer your questions and see your mortgage through from the start to the very finish.



Okay so you’re not so new to this. Nonetheless, you could still do with some mortgage advice. You can pop into your bank and be offered a mortgage product from a range of 1 to a handful of products, you could trawl the high street and go into different branches or you can trawl the internet.

Alternatively, you can call us on 0191 3000 918 for a good old-fashioned chat. We have access to thousands of mortgage products, some of which are exclusives and are not available direct from lenders.



Has your present deal expired? Are you looking to raise some money for home improvements, school fees, a business venture for example? You might just be looking to save money on your mortgage. Whatever the reason call us on 0191 3000 918.



Are you new to this or are you a seasoned professional? Just starting out or does your buy to let portfolio need reviewing?

In either case contact us for a no obligation review. We have access to buy to let products, some of which may be exclusives and are not available direct from lenders.